A spoken-word short film challenging us all to be better and to fight for a world of greater respect and equality, featuring Carla Prata.

Press + Festivals:
*Film Shortage Daily Pick
1.4 Awards 2022 (Longlist)
Zebra Poetry Film festival 2022
Retrospective of Jupiter
Mannheim Arts and Film Festival 2022 (Best Film: Gender Equality, Rights, and Issues)
Justice Film Festival 2023
Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival 2023
Bloomsday Film Festival 2023
Berlin Commercial 2023
The Artists Forum 2023 (Spoken Word Finalist).

A La Push production featuring Carla Prata / Poem by: Marco Espirito Santo / Produced and Directed by: Del Reginato and Marco Espirito Santo / Producer for Carla: Ricardo Agostinho / Director of Photography: Duarte Domingos / 1st AC: Selma Lopes / 2nd AC: Afonso Marmelo Sound Recordist: Olivier Blanc / Sound Design @ Antfood: Pedro Botsaris / Project Manager @ Antfood: Marina Kagan / Original music by: Bennett Eifermann / Camera equipment Rental: Planar / Special Thanks to: Sandra Tomé and José Tiago @ Planar, Katherine Masters, Pity Guessi, and Luciano Lincoln. / (C) La Push, MMXXII.