Agency: BeNext / Produced by: Raul Reis at BeNext / Co-Production: Miguel Rebelo da Silva at Take It Easy / Assistant Producers: Rui Bernardo and Claudio Ferreira / Shot, Directed, and Edited by: Marco Espirito Santo / Voice-Over written by: Marco Espirito Santo (based on the manifesto by Rui Bernardo and Raul Reis) / Original Music by: Mikkel Solnado at Great Dane Studios / Sound Design by André Gouveia at Ameba / Grade: Paulo Inês at Light Film / Special Thanks to: Tiago Gonçalves at BeNext, Miguel Rebelo da Silva at Take It Easy, Víctor Mingates at Ameba, João Pinheiro at Light Film, and Jorge Almeida at Publideco.