A short film on gratitude and big-wave surfing featuring João “Massas” de Macedo, “Heaven Is On My Side” is simultaneously a documentary and a meditation on environmental consciousness through Macedo's experience at the world’s biggest wave in Nazaré, Portugal.

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Beyond The Short: https://www.beyondtheshort.com/art-experimental/heaven-is-on-my-side-by-marco-espirito-santo
1.4: https://www.onepointfour.co/2022/10/04/time-and-tide/
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Berlin Commercial: https://berlincommercial.awardsengine.com/?action=ows:entries.details&e=97320&project_year=2022

Film Festivals:
Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2022
Berlin Commercial 2022 (Shortlist)
Musicbed Awards 2022
Oahu Surf Film Festival (
Winner: Outstanding Visuals Award)
Byron Bay International Film Festival 2022
Doc.Berlin 2022
1.4 Awards 2022 (*Shortlist)
Bilbao Surf Film Festival 2023
World Water Film Festival 2023
Brest Surf Film Festival 2023
Doc.Sydney 2023

Featuring João “Massas” de Macedo / Special thanks to: António “Tiger” Silva for his support and participation / Featuring an audio excerpt of the sermon “Heaven is on my side” by Reverend Lavon Boatner at Old Pathway Baptist Church / Produced & directed by: Marco Espirito Santo / Director of photography: Bruno Mangas / Additional Cinematography: Rodrigo “Rod” Caetano / Edited by: Marco Espirito Santo / Music: “Fool” by Ryan Taubert (via Musicbed) / Thanks to: World Surf League, The Forum, Mikey Corker, Save the Waves Coalition, Nazaré Water Fun, Nuno Vidas, Ivo Cação, Tyler Cave, Ruben Constantino, Gigantes da Nazaré, Lars Peirtsegaele, Valerio Rossi Zweifel, Katherine Masters, Caroline Schio, Tyler Cave, and DEL / Thanks also to: Ângelo Neto & everyone at Ohai Nazaré Outdoor Resort for their generosity / Big thanks to João sponsors: Patagonia, FCS, ORG Surfboards, FunBox Footwear, Piscis Leather, Sporting Clube de Portugal, XinoGlass, Surf Academia Joao Macedo, and Hope Zones Foundation / Processing & Scan by On8mil, London / Shot on location in Nazaré, Portugal. © MMXXII, LaPush.