SHORT FILM /// Featuring Rebeca Sacasi / Also featuring members of Companhia de Outra / Produced by: Marco Espirito Santo and Take It Easy / Written, Directed, Shot, & Edited by: Marco Espirito Santo / Voice: Andre James / Original Music: Mikkel Solnado at Great Dane Studios / Color: Andreia Bertini at Walla Collective / Sound Design: Antonio Porem Pires at Walla Collective / Special thanks to: John Serralha, Tiago Matos, Raul Reis, Katherine Masters, Miguel Coimbra, Frederico Cerejeiro, and to Vanessa Teodoro for the awesome mural.

More info at: http://www.stellmagazine.com/features/2018/7/23/flesh-wound-by-marco-espirito-santo