In a career with more ups and downs than his signature power-runs on the bike, Dirt Jumper Sandro Silva unpacks his winning mentality and what his greatest achievement has been: a close circle of family and friends to keep hm on track.

Beyond the Short:
Retrospective of Jupiter:
Film Shortage:

Client: Betclic / Agency: Funnyhow / Creative Director at Funnyhow: Cesar Sousa / Project Manager at Funnyhow: João Lopes Gonçalves / Creatives at Funnyhow: André Moreira, Leonardo Fernandez, and João Bronze. / An el-Hey Films production / Executive Producer: Miguel Coimbra / Head of Production: Inês Santos / Script, Research, and Interviews: Maria João Venâncio / Directed by: Marco Espirito Santo / Cinematography: Alfra Teixeira and Marco Espirito Santo. / Camera equipment and support: a-Tundra Filmes. / Camera Assistant: Alexandre Azevedo / a-Tundra Filmes producer: Alex Barone / Drone Pilot and footage: Gu / Editor: Inês Soares / Sound Design: Victor Mingates at Ameba Audiovisuais / Music: Mikkel Solnado at Great Dane Studios / Colorist: Marco Amaral at The Yellow Color / Post-Production: Pedro Vicente at Musgo / Featuring the riders: Zé Lopes, Joel Pires, Jessica Brazão, Ruben Dias and also Ricardo Santos, Isabel Antunes, Hugo Santos, Ana Raquel Machado, and the little dude Sebastião Silva! / Special Thanks to the following for their support: Skillbikes Portugal, Restaurante O Solar, A-Design / Thank you also to: Ana Carqueijeiro at Ameba, and Ana at The Yellow Color.